Tax Services
My mission is to help you pay only the minimum taxes to comply with the laws.  I provide services for individuals, trusts, estates, and business taxes on all business ownership forms including sole proprietors, partnerships, corporations, and LLC’s.  I have prepared tax returns, negotiated tax audit adjustments favorably for the taxpayer, successfully argued “no” tax nexus, petitioned and negotiated tax amnesty and payment plans, and developed tax planning strategies that minimized taxes.  I have performed these services for U.S. Federal and more that twenty five state jurisdictions.  I also have managed multinational tax issues with tax professionals in other countries.  My services have resolved tax issues for my clients.

As a licensed CPA I am authorized to represent you before the IRS so I can do more than just prepare your tax returns.  I hold a Masters in Taxation degree and take tax courses annually as a licensed CPA which means current expertise for your benefit.  Whether you simply want your tax returns prepared and e-filed or need more specialized services that I have provided to others, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your needs.

I provide valuation services for privately-owned businesses used for:

  • Purchase or sale of a business or ownership interest in a business
  • Asset allocations, including intangible assets and goodwill
  • Stock and stock option valuations
  • Qualified retirement plans that own private company stock
  • Taxes, including estate and gift valuations
  • Company valuations for ownership repurchase agreements
  • Collateral security valuations for borrowing

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Valuation Services